Wednesday, June 27, 2012

this thing happened today

There was laundry to be done. A terrific quantity of laundry. The proverbial mountain thereof.
But the lint sock (thingy) was completely past its useful life and in desperate need of replacing.
With loads of children busy all around the house doing very important and productive things- including a sweet little sickish one (contributing tremendously to the aforementioned dirty laundry) there was no good sense in going to the store to replace that lint sock (thingy).
So I used one of my stockings.
But not just any stocking. One of the glamourous, luxurious, decadent (read: expensive) thigh-high stockings that I wore only once ever: on my wedding day.
Look, I was never going to wear them again. I haven't in almost ten years.
This is a banner day. A significant, milestone, ebenezer day.
I loved my wedding. I still adore my husband. I cherish all of the laundry-producing littles.
So I say- nothing but the best for their lint.
I am laundress, hear me roar!

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